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milk bar calf training bottle

A solid, functional, 3 litre feed bottle with the handle designed for comfortable use. The Milk Bar Bottle is good for your calves as it brings your calves the benefits of suckling from the award winning Milk Bar Teat, and it is good for you as it brings you the following benefits;

  • It won't slip out of your hand while feeding. The Milk Bar bottle has a comfortable handle.
  • You don't have to fight the calf. The handle on the Milk Bar Bottle is at the opposite end of the bottle to the handles on previous calf bottles. This enables you to comfortably hold the calf's head between your legs while you hold the bottle in one hand without straining your back.
  • Easy teaching of new calves. The suckling action required to feed from a Milk Bar Teat is the same as feeding from a cow, so most calves will teach themselves to feed.
  • Easy cleaning. The large 75mm lid makes it easy to clean the Milk Bar Bottle.
  • You will not break the Milk Bar Bottle. It is made from 5mm thick polyethylene so you can drop it, stand on it, throw it, kick it (not that you will want to), but you will not break it with out extreme measures. Should the screw on lid break, it is replaceable.

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