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milk-bar 5 calf feeder

Allows you to feed up to 5 calves in a group, knowing that all calves are receiving their share with no cross sucking after feeding. Winner of the designer performance application award at the 1991 New Zealand National Field Days.

The Milk Bar 5 is good for your calves as it brings all the natural suckling advantages of the Milk Bar Teat, and it is good for you as it brings you the benefits listed below.

Easy teaching of new calves. The suckling action required to feed from a Milk Bar Teat is the same as feeding from a cow, so most calves will teach themselves to feed..

Easy to use. The unique solid moulded handle makes it a one handed operation to carry the Milk Bar 5, whether full or empty, and push the hooks over the rail for a snug fit.

You need less space for feeding. The semi-circular design means the Milk Bar 5 is smaller and lighter for the same volume, and it is the ideal shape for calves to feed.

You don't have to get in the pen with your calves. The Milk Bar 5 hooks on the rail, so you stay outside the pen.

Allows you to easily move from pen to pen. When feeding groups of up to 5 calves it is very simple to lift the Milk Bar 5 from the rail of 1 pen and move it to the next group of calves.

Saves you $$. As the Milk Bar 5 is so portable, you don't need a feeder for each pen. 1 Milk Bar 5 for each 3 or 4 pens is a good indication of the number required for efficient feeding.

Saves you time. One person can feed 100 calves in 30 minutes with 5 Milk Bar 5's, and still have time to check the calves, give them fresh pellets, and check their water troughs.

Easy cleaning. The Milk Bar 5 is washed like a bucket, and the teats "milked" to clean them. We recommend using warm water and an alkali dairy detergent. Milk bar Teats do not need to be removed from the feeder for cleaning.


  • Holds 15 litres.
  • Gradients marked in 5 litre increments.
  • Hooks fit 25mm (1 inch) or 38mm (1.5 inch) rails.
  • Supplied fitted with 5 Milk Bar Teats.
  • Solid, convenient moulded handle.
  • 5mm thick, UV stabilised polyethylene.

The ideal rail height for the Milk Bar 5 is 90cm (3 ft) above the ground. This gets the teats 60cm (2 ft) above the ground, which our trials have shown is the ideal teat height as it is close to the natural feeding height for calves.

milk bar calf feeder in action Jersey calves feeding with Holstein calves and receiving their share of the milk.

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