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Lamb feeder being put to good use

I just thought Iíd email and let you know how impressed and pleased I am with my purchase from you. I bought a Milk-Bar 7 teat Lamb Bucket two months ago for my cade lambs. Having only ever used bottles before I was dubious over how well weíd get on with the ĎPink-Bucketí. Well, I neednít have worried, the lambs love it, it is so easy to use, clean and position. The lambs very quickly learn to latch on to it and the teats are far more durable than bottle teats. When my cade numbers increased above seven I bought a different, double sided blue bucket elsewhere for about £20 and I have to say, itís rubbish. The lambs struggled to feed and only the biggest and strongest can feed from it. I originally thought the Milk-Bar was expensive for what it is but I have since realised itís worth every penny, it is so strong and of such good quality I can see that it will last me for many years. I have no qualms in recommending this product to anyone and the service Iíve had from yourselves has been fantastic.

I have attached a picture of our lambs happily drinking from the milk-bar, if you are interested!

Kind regards

Mrs B, Peterborough

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